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Infrared Helmet


Trial participants will wear the helmet for 10 minutes a day         This is the Biophysica IR projector containing a mixture of three biologically active wavelengths 850nm, 940nm and 1072 nm.  We also have BLUE projector for Acne

"Dementia patient makes 'amazing' progress after using infra-red helmet" at Daily Mail

"Infra Red Helmet For Reversing Early Alzheimer's To Be Tested" at Medical News Today  Medical experts in the North-East of England, UK, have found that safe exposure to infra-red light improves learning and cognitive functioning in the brain, and they are going to test the method by getting Alzheimer's patients to wear an infra-red "helmet" for a short time every day. The idea has been tested independently by researchers at the University of Sunderland, who showed that low power infra-red light (1072nm) improved learning.

"Infrared Helmet to Stave Off Alzheimer's"  The strange-looking headgear - which has to be worn for ten minutes every day - bathes the brain with infra-red light and stimulates the growth of brain cells. Its creators believe it could reverse the symptoms of dementia - such as memory loss and anxiety - after only four weeks.  at

"Alzheimer's helmet therapy hope" BBC News at

An experimental helmet is being tested by scientists as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. It delivers low levels of infra-red light, which researchers at the University of Sunderland, believe may stimulate the growth of brain cells.

"Stops Memory Loss in its Tracks and Reverses Dementia" from Consumer Reports on Assisted Living Facilities and Home Health Care services for the Elderly at

"Helmet bathes the brain with infra-red light and stimulates the growth of brain cells; could turn back the symptoms of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Memory Loss and Anxiety" at

"Direct support for universal metabolic energy quanta using bio-stimulation, or photo bio-modulation;  The exposure of brain to IR light at wavelength of 1072 nm is known to improve learning performance and give a kick start to cognitive function" at

"A self-reported clinical trial investigates the efficacy of 1072 nm light as an anti-ageing agent" 01 June 2007 Richard J. Stirling a; James D. Haslam
Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy

Background: Previous laboratory research has shown that human lymphocytes pre-irradiated with 1072 nm light are afforded some protection against subsequent ultraviolet light toxicity. Objective: To investigate the possibility that 1072 nm light can prevent or reverse skin ageing which itself is known to be accelerated by ultraviolet light. Methods: A randomized, prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled, self-reporting study was performed to assess the effect of one daily treatment episode for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks on wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes as well as the appearance of bags under the eyes. Results: Between 52% and 57% of volunteers were able to accurately identify an improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles of the treated areas of skin. Fewer volunteers, between 37% and 46%, observed an improvement in the bags under the treated eye or eyes, albeit with an emphatic statistical significance.

Conclusion: Regular application of a non-thermal quantity of 1072nm light around the eyes demonstrated efficacy as an anti-ageing agent.

"Treatment hope for Dementia patients: There are even suggestions that the same light therapy might be used to treat infections such as viral meningitis or encephalitis".  25th January 2008 at


 Biophysica IR projector features

  • IP66 aluminum professional housing

  • High efficiency heat evaporating structure

  • Built-in 147 high power infrared LEDs

  • Special design circuit to prolong LEDís life span

  • International power adapter provided for any country

  • Tripod Mounting Threads in bottom

  • Light can be pulsed and automatically swept through a range of frequencies from 1 to 1000 pulses per second.  Pulsation enhances efficacy.

The helmet is expected to cost around $20,000.00 


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