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September 2021

New voltage generator

Announcement: Recent Upgrades: September 16, 2021
We would like everyone to have the new upgrades which are time consuming for us to install. Listed here are the new features to be installed as standard in all our new colloidal generators from September 20. We will have to charge $150 plus mailing to install these in older recent generators. This modification will likely deface the appearance of the front panel.

    1. High voltage module to raise 12 volts to 100 volts.
    2. Voltage control module to provide a wide range of voltage to the electrodes, to be able to lower the voltage to less damaging levels.
    3. New current control module capable of surviving 100 volts.
    4. Double meter with voltage and current display (on back order and 4x more costly than our previous meter).


High Voltage is necessary to rapidly drive current through pure distilled water which has an initial electrical resistance of at least 20,000 ohms. After 4 hours the water acquires silver atoms which increase conductivity and lowers the resistance to 2000 ohms. At this point the voltage should be reduced to 20 volts which by Ohms law (V=IR or Resistance = Voltage/Current) allows 10 milliamperes to flow in the water. 10mA is an ideal level for our 2” x 6” silver electrodes in order to ensure highest quality small nanoparticles. After 8 hours, water resistance has reduced to 1000 ohms, requiring only 10 volts. We have found that without this voltage reduction, the high voltage seems to damage the nanoparticles. The picture during the first hour with distilled water shows how a voltage of 73 volts is able to drive only 7.7 milliamperes, indicating water resistance of V/I of about 10000 ohms. The second picture shows a voltage of approximately 60 v with a current of approximately 10 milliamperes indicating a water resistance of 6000 ohms.

Colloidal Gold and Electrum: Gold, Platinum and Palladium, as precious metals do not release atoms easily, except with a high voltage of at least 70 v. Start with two silver electrodes having the highest level of voltage and current to get the resistance down to about 1000 ohms. Then replace the gold electrode into the red outlet. For gold only, turn alternating polarity OFF. For Electrum, turn ON.

Magnet: We have in stock donut magnets having a hole in the centre, which fit over the outlet of the aquarium pump, so as to magnetise the water. They are $40 each. We do not make the magnetic vortex now due to bad batches of motors.

New voltage generator

From 2019

At Biophysica we are constantly striving to bring you the highest quality and cutting edge technology. On this page you will find some of our latest innovation helping to improve control over the ionizing process (the creation of colloidal waters) not only of colloidal Silver but also colloidal Gold and an array of health promoting colloidal minerals and colloidal metals that our technology lets you produce in your own facility or in the comfort of your own home.



Digital Display: Biophysica now offers an additional option to add a digital display ongoingly of current through the water between the electrodes. Current is a direct indication of water conductivity. Conductivity is a measure of Parts per Million (PPM).

This not only helps users, professional and novices alike, to confirm that current is flowing but also allows the user to trim the current to very precise levels down to 5 milliamperes (for the smallest nanoparticles) and up to 70 milliamperes (or more) for fastest production and our large area commercial electrodes, eg 6” x 8”.

Users can then plot a graph of current, hour by hour, as the process evolves. Price for this modification is $150 USD.

Please phone us at 647-478-6946 or 1-800-488-2032 to order any of our Colloidal Generators with the digital display.