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Industrial/Commercial Colloidal Generation & Ionization Systems

Our technology provides effective Disinfection For chlorine-free healthy water for
drinking, medical irrigation, food preservation, agriculture and much more.


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Our in-line industrial generator, INLINE-1 is designed for making thousands of litres, such as for swimming pools, agriculture, fish farming and water bottling plants. This industrial system also has circulation pump (optional), larger electrodes, constant current and alternating polarity Self-Cleaning. We supply an International power supply (110 to 230 volts) stepped down to 24 volts DC.

Natural Zeta Potential (ZP) on the atoms and nanoparticles released by our Water Ionizers are at the highest level of -60 millivolts, in order to preserve long-term potency against dangerous pathogens. ZP is an indicator of high quality of a colloid and ability to inactivate microbes. Read about ZP on Wikepedia.

Our Industrial and Commercial Electrolytic Water Ionizers can add missing essential minerals at the same time as providing chlorine-free purification and long-term disinfection of Drinking Water.
Silver, zinc and copper in ultra-trace amounts less than 1 part per million (ppm) work equally well alone as microbicides and have no adverse side effects such as cancer (caused by chlorine and bromine). They use electrodes thus require no chemicals. They also work synergistically with existing chlorine systems, such as in swimming pools cooling towers and spas and allow much less Chlorine to be used, or none at all.

Our latest industrial/commercial ionizer control box has the ultimate in flexibility, with digital current meter, 6 separate independent controls over each channel. Powered by 24 volts from internationally approved digital switching supply.

Industrial: Large industrial electrodes are mounted in 3 inch diameter inline charging cylinders, with quick disconnect adapter, 2 sets of taps (valves) on each cylinder for purposes of separately disconnecting each channel from the inlet and outlet manifold.

Each channel has a separate charging cylinder with inlet and outlet taps (valves) in order to separate each cylinder from the manifolds during non-use.

Quick-disconnect adapter is on each cylinder to facilitate rapid (20 secs) removal for cleaning and replacement of electrodes. Zinc and magnesium anode electrodes require frequent monitoring and cleaning due to oxide formation.


There are two approaches to large volume production


1) Commercial is a batch process. It uses large volume containers with many large area electrodes of size 6” x 8” suspended from a bar across the mouth of the container. In this way the user can choose to begin with one pair or many such pairs. Each pair of electrodes would require its own constant current controller channel, providing current of a minimum of 100 milliamperes (mA).

2) Industrial is an in-line system for large volume continuous production, where the water is pumped under pressure simultaneously through several (up to 6) cylinders connected in series. Each cylinder carries a pair of long thick electrodes of silver or other metals such as zinc, magnesium, gold, copper, etc. The controller module could be two channels as in the first picture below or can be 6 channels.


Commercial is an easier, simpler system to operate (than our industrial pressurized in-line system). Use our commercial batch system if your volume needs fall into intermediate range (not a swimming pool, cooling tower, fish farm, agriculture, etc). The pairs of electrodes fit well and hang down into one or more large plastic containers of up to 55 gallons. Electrodes are each of 99.99% purity, area 6” x 8” of solid silver, gold, copper, zinc or magnesium. Up to 6 pairs of these electrodes can be fitted into a 55 gallon drum. Our high power two channel controller will power these six pairs up to an electrical current of 6 amperes at a safe voltage of 24 volts. This six channel industrial generator with digital display and 24 volt power supply costs $4200 USD. The large electrode sheets cost $1120 USD per pair. There is an additional 12 volt immersible pump placed at the bottom of the drum to maintain water circulation, cost = $120
Total cost = 6 x 1120 + 4200 + 120 = $11040 USD Many colloidal silver manufacturers are using our commercial system for large quantity manufacturing and bottling.

COMMERCIAL VOLUMES: You will need one or more large 10 to 50 gallon containers with several pairs of silver electrodes to obtain a high ppm up to 50 ppm. More than 50 ppm CS becomes unstable because the nanoparticles begin to coagulate and lose their Zeta Potential. Read about ZP on my BLOG and on Wikipedia..

Each 30 to 55 gallon container can accommodate up to 18 pairs of large silver electrodes each 6” x 8” in area. Each row of 6 electrodes (3 pairs) costs 6 x $560 = $3360 USD, so that you could start with one or two rows and add more rows later up to the maximum of 6 rows in each container, which would cost $20160 USD. This price includes the circulation pump, but does not include the 6 channel power controller box, which costs $4800. Total maximum system is $23,160 USD.

Here below are pictures of my new commercial high volume quantity colloidal generator, with extra large pairs of electrodes. Each electrode is 6” wide x 8” in length. A total of 36 such electrodes is possible in one large 30 to 55 gallon container.
Each channel contains three pairs of electrodes, mounted on a bar 24 inches long.

With up to six channels in one large container of 21’' x 21”, I can provide 36 electrodes. Any combination is possible from one pair up to 36 electrodes (18 pairs) which can fit into a 30 gallon container.

This is the way to go for large volumes while preserving highest quality (smallest nanoparticles) by not electrically overdriving the silver electrodes with more than 2 mA per square inch of active surface area.

Cleaning: The electrodes should be inspected and cleaned monthly although we have installed the self-cleaning alternating polarity of the ionizer controller box. With hard water, debris will accumulate, then use fine steel wool, wire brush or toothbrush to clean away especially between the electrodes to eleiminate shorting. The commerial electrode sheets are mounted on a bar with threaded screws to allow for easy access and replacement.

Container/holding tank: Use any size of drinking water quality plastic container with an outlet tap at the bottom of the container (from us or from Amazon) and two ports (inlet and outlet are interchangeable). The container can be converted to in-line use by installing input and output connector tubes and an external circulation pump which we can supply. An external holding tank such as 50 to 100 gallons could be included in the circuit. The large 10 to 55 gallon plastic containers we buy from You can buy it from them locally to save on shipping costs from us in Toronto Canada
. The part number is S-13527 and costs $19 for the 10 gallon They also have a 23 gallon container S-9971 for $62 and H-5148 for $53 They also have 30 and 55 gallon containers. We can offer rectangular containers of 3, 5, 7, 10, 23, 28, 40, 55 gallons with wheeled dollies are available. 30 gallons container (21x21x22), 23 gallons S-9971 (20x11x30), 10 gallons S-13527 (15x11x20), available from

Pump: Pump is driven by an electrically safe12 volt DC motor and 12 volt power supply. Pump has two ports. The centre port is the inlet and the peripheral tangential port is the outlet. If the pump seems not to be pumping, disconnect the electrical cable and reapply the pump power to dislodge water bubbles.

Electrodes; These are of 99.99% pure silver, gold, copper, zinc, magnesium, platinum, palladium, iron. The industrial electrodes are 12-14 inch long and have a rubber stabilizer button between them to prevent them from shorting together
Power: Supply to the pump is a 9-12 volt DC internationally approved adapter for any power line voltage. Supply to the ionizer generator controller is 24 volt DC internationally approved adapter for any power line voltage. 24 volts rather then 12 volts is used to drive the electrodes in order to overcome the inherent electrical resistance of pure or distilled water. Be careful not to insert 24 volts into the 12 volt pump.
Power Level: This ionizer-electrolyser can drive one or more amperes of electrical current through water. For the highest quality drinking water (smallest nanoparticle size of 1-10 nanometers), run the ionizer at one tenth of the full electrical current. A digital meter indicates the electrical current flowing through the electrodes into the water. Generally do not exceed 2 milliamperes per square inch of electrodes. For example each pair of 6 x 8 electrodes should receive no more than about 100 mA.
Parts supplied: 1. Small black 12 volt DC immersible pump with two ports and cable. 2. 12 volt power supply/adapter for pump inside container. 3. 24 volt power supply/adapter for ionizer. 4. Pairs of electrodes with 2 mounting rods (#8 thread and nuts) on each electrode. 5. Plastic tap for your container.

COMMERCIAL BATCH PRODUCTION All of our generators have nanoparticle size control, alternating polarity for self-cleaning of electrodes, constant current control, stirrer, sacred geometry, high frequencies (Schumann, Rife etc.). Our high speed colloidal generator will drive one up to six separate channels. Each channel contains six large area 6” x 8” solid silver electrodes, making a total of 36 electrode sheets. This will make one batch of at least 50 gallons per hour of 5 ppm. We supply 10, 25, 30 or 55 gallon plastic container with spigot (tap), but smaller or larger sized containers will work equally well. An internal submersible 12 volt pump keeps the liquid stirred to mix the acid, alkali, hydrogen and oxygen that form on each electrode during electrolysis. The electrical current flow is 50 times that of our domestic generators and is properly matched to the enormous electrode surface area. The 36 sheet electrodes hang from the lid of the container and are totally immersed about 8 inches, to use all of the electrode area. Separate six foot cables connect the electrode assembly to the generator control box, which contains 2 or 6 separate independent constant current power supplies.



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2 channel control box with independent control over each cylinder. Useful when different metals are being electrolysed. 2 channel control box, one 2" diameter charging cylinder with quick-connect adapter and electrode (silver) plug. 6 channel control box with independent control over each cylinder. Useful when different metals are being electrolysed.
Circulation pump. Two 3 inch inside diameter charging cylinders with input and output manifolds, quick-connect adapters for 14 inch long electrodes of any metal. Expandable up to six channels in each system. Many systems can be operated in parallel for greater volume, or in series for greater parts per million. Silver, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium electrodes for industrial quantities.
Commercial batch silver electrodes 8" x 8" for 5 gallon container. Several pairs of electrodes can be fitted into a large container. One 2" diameter charging cylinder with provision for ultra-violet lamp on left port. Large thick industrial zinc electrode pair for 3 inch diameter charging cylinder. 99.99% purity.
Large industrial magnesium electrode pair for 3 inch diameter charging cylinder. 99.99% purity. One 2" diameter charging cylinder with quick-connect adapter and electrode plug on right side. 2 channel control box connected to one 2" diameter charging cylinder with quick-connect adapter and electrode (silver) plug.
Manifold with 6 taps. One manifold is used for input and another for output. Taps allow any cylinder to be isolated. Large thick industrial Copper electrode pair for 3 inch diameter charging cylinder. 99.99% purity. Large thick industrial silver electrode pair for 3 inch diameter charging cylinder. 99.99% purity.
Electrode on Brace Brace Support brace for multiple electrodes.
Side view.
8" x 6" Silver electrode on a support brace, the brace can accommodate multiple electrodes for large volume, commercial production. Support brace for multiple electrodes.

Pairs of electrodes can be mounted across or lengthwise to the brace.

Support brace for multiple electrodes.
Side view.