click to purchase a Biophysica Colloidal Water Generator for Silver and other metals/minerals
click to purchase a Biophysica Colloidal Water Generator for Silver and other metals/minerals

Industrial/Commercial Colloidal Generation and Ionization Systems Prices

Inline “Water Purifier System” for mineral water bottling plants, pools, cooling towers, fountains or for drinking water. We have upgraded from 2 inch diameter to 3 (standard) and 4 inch diameter pipes. Models of Water Ionization Controllers & Prices.
  1. 2 electrodes are required per channel (copper, silver, zinc, magnesium, iron, gold, platinum) and plumbing are extra.
  2. Different metals can be combined in the same chamber, eg one of copper and one of silver.
  3. PVC is Schedule 40, of drinking water quality from Spears Inc.
  4. Longevity of electrodes is determined by size & weight of electrodes.
  5. 1 to 6 channel water ionizer control box/panel with up to 6 separate current controlled outputs and digital meter to display current in each channel.
  6. 6.Uses external or internal high voltage power supply (48v) to charge pure non-conductive distilled and RO softened water. User has control over nanoparticle size for highest quality.
  7. 1 and 2 channel models have fire-proof solid metal enclosure, and external 48 volt power supply.
  8. 4 and 6 channel models have Deluxe waterproof NEMA plastic enclosure with transparent windowed cover, dimensions 22” x 11” x 5”, internal 48 volt power supply.
  9. Deluxe enclosure is available as an option on the 1 and 2 channel models, instead of the solid aluminum box.
  10. Ultraviolet is an additional option at $400 per channel.
  11. All systems are custom manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Average Current through electrodes is controllable by user from 0 to maximum

channel model with fire-proof solid metal enclosure

One channel price in USD

Two channels model with fire-proof solid metal enclosure

Two channels price in USD

Four channels model with Deluxe NEMA plastic enclosure

channels price in USD

Six channels model with Deluxe NEMA plastic enclosure

channels price in USD
Suitable convenient size of swimming pool or holding tank for each channel.
0.4 amps CS1-400 small hot tub $1000 CS2-400 $1500 CS4-400 $2000 CS6-400 $3000 5000 gallons
0.6 amps CS1-600 Residential pool, hot tub $1200 CS2-600 $1800 CS4-600 $2400 CS6-600 $3600 5,000 gallons
1 amp CS1-1000 Residential or Commercial $1400 CS2-1000 $2100 CS4-1000 $2800 CS6-1000 $4200 10,000 gallons
2 amps CS1-2000 Commercial $1600 CS2-2000 $2400 CS42-2000 $3200 CS6-2000 $4800 12,500 gallons
3 amps CS1-3000 Industrial $2000 CS2-3000 $3000 CS4-3000 $4000 CS6-3000 $6000 15,000 gallons
4 amps CS1-4000 Industrial $2200 CS2-4000 $3300 CS4-4000 $4400 CS6-4000 $6600 20,000 gallons
5 amps CS1-5000 Industrial $2500 CS2-5000 $3700 CS4-5000 $5000 CS6-5000 $4000 25,000 gallons
8 amps CS1-8000 Industrial $3000 CS2-8000 $4500 CS4-8000 $6000 CS6-8000 $9000 40,000 gallons
10 amps CS1-10000 Industrial $3500 CS2-10000 $5200 CS4-10000 $7000 CS6-10000 $10500 50,000 gallons
12 amps CS1-12000 Industrial $3800 CS2-12000 $5700 CS4-12000 $7600 CS6-12000 $11400 60,000 gallons
15 amps CS1-15000 Industrial $4000 CS2-15000 $6000 CS4-15000 $8000 CS6-15000 $12000 80,000 gallons
20 amps CS1-20000 Industrial $5000 CS2-20000 $4000 CS4-20000 $10,000 CS6-20000 $15000 100,000 gallons

Plumbing & Accessories

Industrial System Inline “Water Purifier System” for mineral water bottling plants Total Systems. PVC is Schedule 40, of drinking water quality Quantity
Retail Price Each One channel
Two channel
Four channel
Six channel
PVC white charging cylinder and connecting tubing, 3” diameter to accommodate pair of electrodes up to 14” long. Suitable for connecting to Banjo quick-connect adapter. Will accept electrodes of any metal such as copper, zinc, magnesium etc. 1 $500 $500 $1000 $2000 $3000
Quick-connect adapter for each channel, 3” diameter 1 per cylinder $200 $200 $400 $800 $1200
Manifolds (2) for inlet and outlet, each copper with 6 valves (taps), connecting tubing and clamps. Option of 6 channel plastic manifold is available instead of copper. 2 per system needed $250 each manifold $500 $500 $500 $500
ELEC-S3-14 Large industrial Silver electrode pair 2” x 14” x 2mm, 99.99% pure. Mounted on 3” diameter threaded white PVC plug. Thicker electrodes of 4 mm are available & would cost double. Thinner electrodes of 1 mm would cost half. 1 pair per cylinder $2000 per pair of electrodes $2000 $4000 $8000 $12000
CS1-CS6 Generator prices brought over from previous section ( 0.4 amp models), please fill in the price of your choice of a generator to calculate the price of your complete system.     $1000 $1500 $2000 $3000
Total complete system of basic 0.4 amp model     $3,200.00 $5,900 $11,300 $16,700

Make your own colloidal magnesium, colloidal zinc, colloidal silver, colloidal gold using the Biophysica multi-metal/mineral colloidal generator.

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