Biophysica Inc. is pleased to announce:

Our new High Voltage,
Colloidal Generation Systems

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Pictured our new commercial generator model CS2-140COM

Our new high voltage colloidal generator is capable of delivering electrical current through a wide range of soft and hard waters ranging from non-conductive pharmaceutical grade, distilled, Reverse Osmosis filtered water and also through more conductive waters such as well-water, ground, spring, rain waters. This proprietary controller module delivers a DC level ranging from 90 to 220 volts depending on model and application. This higher voltage technology is capable of overcoming the limitations of extremely electrically resistant water (Ohm’s law (V=IR)) which can present a challenge in the ionization process and production of colloidal silver and other nano minerals.

There are two approaches to large volume production of colloidal waters (silver and many other metals/minerals):
1) Commercial is a batch process. It uses large volume containers with multiple large area electrodes of size 6” x 8” (can be larger, call us for consultation and pricing) suspended from a bar across the top of the container. In this way the user can choose to begin with only one pair or multiple such pairs. Each pair of electrodes can be of any metal and would require its own constant current controller channel, providing current of a minimum of 4 milliamperes (mA) for highest quality up to 300 milliamperes for faster production.

2) Industrial is our in-line system for large volume continuous production, where the water is pumped under pressure simultaneously through several cylinders connected in series or parallel. Each cylinder carries a pair of 15 inch long thick electrode bars of silver or other metals such as zinc, magnesium, gold, copper, etc. Commercial is an easier, simpler system to operate (than our industrial pressurized in-line system). Use our commercial batch system if your volume needs fall into intermediate range The pairs of electrodes hang down into one or more large plastic containers of up to 55 gallons. Electrodes are each of 99.99% purity, area 6” x 8” of solid silver, gold, copper, zinc or magnesium. Up to 9 pairs of these electrodes can be fitted into a 55 gallon drum. Alternatively, each electrode pair can be of a different metal in separate containers simultaneously (when using a multi-channel generator). Many colloidal mineral manufacturers are using our commercial system for large quantity manufacturing and bottling for colloidal nano-silver and other metals. Look at

All of our generators have A) nanoparticle size control, B) constant current and voltage control C) alternating polarity for self-cleaning of electrodes. Our new high-speed colloidal generator will drive one or two separate channels. Each channel drives two large area 6” x 8” solid silver or other metal electrodes. This will make one batch of at least 50 gallons per hour of 5 ppm or 5 gallons per hour of 50 ppm. The electrical current flow (300 mA) is 6 times that of our domestic generators and is properly matched to the enormous electrode surface area. The 18 sheet electrodes (nine pairs) hang from the cross-bar of the container and are totally immersed about 8 inches, to use all of the electrode area. Separate cables connect the electrode assembly to the generator control box, which contains 1 or 2 separate independent constant current power supplies.

You will need one or more large 5, 10 to 50 gallon containers with several pairs of silver electrodes to obtain a high ppm up to 50 ppm. More than 50 ppm CS becomes unstable because the nanoparticles begin to coagulate and lose their essential Zeta Potential electrical charge. Each 30 to 55 gallon container can accommodate up to 9 pairs of large silver electrodes each 6” x 8” in area. You could start with one or two rows and add more rows later. Here below are pictures of our new commercial high volume quantity colloidal generator, with extra large pairs of electrodes. Each electrode is 6” wide x 8” in length. Each channel will drive one or two pairs of electrodes, mounted on a bar 24 inches long. This is the way to go for large volumes while preserving highest quality (smallest nanoparticles) by not electrically overdriving the silver electrodes with more than 2 mA per square inch of active surface area. Most competing systems in our market are overdriving the electrodes and getting large ineffective particles, of size over 20 nanometers which cannot pass the blood-brain barrier or enter essential organs or zap through biofilm that forms, especially in the bladder.

Current Controller:
Our new proprietary step-up controller panel is powered by an external high current power supply, already having international approvals, electrical isolation and short-circuit proof. Consequently there will be no need to have the controller approved by any safety agency. The controller has constant-current control and will provide an output voltage up to 140 v DC in order to drive sufficient current through distilled and other non-conductive water, based on the limitations of water conductivity (Ohm’s Law). All of our controllers have alternating polarity self-cleaning to prevent build-up of oxides on the electrodes.

Electrical Current:
Desired quality in particle size is determined by the electrical current density at electrode surfaces, measured in milliamperes per square inch of electrode area. This is kept consistently as low as possible in order to achieve a nanoparticle size range from 0.2 to 8 nanometres capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier and passing through cell membranes of essential organs and zapping through biofilm.

Resulting current is affected by 5 factors:
1) Separation distance between electrodes. Move the plates closer or farther apart to establish ideal current.
2) Water conductivity. You may want to add some CS water from a previous session, make sure you are using the same quality water, we recommend 10-20% of the total volume, this is called seeding, this will increase production speed.
3) Voltage available.
4) Electrode area.
5) Nanometre constant current control knob level.

For highest quality, we drive the electrodes with an electrical current in the range of 1 to 2 milliamperes per square inch, because nanoparticle size is directly dependent on electrical current density (milliamps per square inch). This means no more than 0.1 amps (100 milliamps) per electrode pair (6” x 8”), for human/animal consumption, for agricultural/food spraying you can go higher than 0.1 amps (100 milliamps) please consult with us. From experience we know that this will produce 8 litres (2 gallons) of 2 ppm per hour, or 1 gallon of 4 ppm per hour. If you use only one channel, then with a holding storage tank and recirculation pump you can build up the ppm to much higher levels over time (40 ppm in 10 hours). Using more channels will multiply the output accordingly.

Water,Ideally should be Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtered or distilled water to avoid Chlorine and Fluoride. Distilled has a conductivity of 0 – 3 microsiemens (uS) and RO has a conductivity of 3 to 8 microsiemens. These waters at first will not conduct electrical current up to the desired milliamperes you may need with our large area electrodes and gradually become more conductive as more atoms and ions are liberated from the electrodes. To overcome this problem, we have designed new fast high voltage versions of our ionizers. They will deliver 4 times the former current into distilled water and are the fastest in our industry. No other competing colloidal generator comes close to this power level. Be aware that RO filter systems can be tuned to give higher conductivity levels up to 15 uS which will help make the process faster.

Our colloidal generator/controller has self-cleaning alternating polarity to prevent large scale deposits of oxides. A fine layer of oxide may form and may need to be cleaned using fine steel wool or toothbrush to clean away especially between the electrodes. They are mounted on a cross-bar with threaded bolt and screws to allow for easy access, cleaning and replacement.

Container/holding tank:
For long-term storage glass is best. For the brief charging process, use any size of drinking water quality plastic container with an outlet tap at the bottom of the container for easy emptying. The container can be converted to in-line use by installing input and output connector tubes and an external circulation pump which we can supply. An external holding tank such as 50 to 100 gallons could be included in the circuit. The large 10, 25, 30 or 55 gallon plastic containers with spigot (tap), can be obtained from or from Amazon.

We use a small immersible 12 volt pump which sits at the bottom of the tank. It is powered by a safe 5 to 9 volt DC international supply. Thus, no line voltages enter the water. It keeps the water circulating to balance out acid and alkali, hydrogen and oxygen that form on each electrode during electrolysis, to maintain a neutral pH. The 12 volt immersible pump and low voltage, high current DC power supply cost is $150 USD.

These are of 99.99% pure silver, gold, copper, zinc, magnesium, platinum, palladium, iron, tin, carbon. The electrode plates should be removed for periodic cleaning and replacement. They can be mounted on a cross bar of length 24 inches or more.

Cables: Each 6’ cable has two conductors which plug into the generator. Each conductor connects on only one side of each plate (see last picture). Don’t connect the two conductors to the same plate.

Total volume producable by one pair of commercial electrodes 6” x 8” :
Treated volume is based on the amount of metal atoms in a pair of electrodes diluted to the typical antimicrobial effective level of 0.1 to 1.0 ppm. For example a pair of our commercial electrodes are 6" x 8" x 0.5 mm, have a total consumable electrode weight of approximately 340 gms of which about 300 gms is usable. This would charge a total of 320,000 litres with 1 ppm (1 mg/l) or 32000 litres with 10 ppm (10 mg/l), or 6500 litres with 50 ppm.

Power Supply: to the ionizer generator/controller is by an external internationally approved adapter. This new high voltage model will produce higher voltages for more rapid production and to overcome the inherent high resistance of pure water. This level of power parallels the highest in our industry, while maintaining the highest quality. Each channel of our new high power commercial controller will power up to two pairs of electrodes of any metal with a maximum electrical current of 300 milliamperes (0.3 amps).

Power Level: This new ionizer/electrolyser can drive up to 300 mA of electrical current through water. For the highest quality drinking water (smallest nanoparticle size of 1-10 nanometers), run the ionizer at one tenth of the full electrical current. A digital meter indicates the electrical current flowing through the electrodes into the water. Generally do not exceed 2 milliamperes per square inch of electrodes. For example each pair of 6 x 8 electrodes should receive no more than about 100 mA, unless you are in agriculture where quantity and speed may be more important than quality.

Silver is good against all viruses and most bacteria such as salmonella (typhoid), staphylococci (MRSA), streptococci (flesh-eating disease), pseudomonas, coliform and viruses such as norovirus, hepatitis, polio, west nile, prions while copper is good against multicellulars like fungus, algae, mold, yeast and other dangerous parasites like amoeba. Copper is used exclusively in hospital water supplies against legionella organism and in many cooling towers and swimming pools. Both silver and copper have been found to inactivate cancer cells.

Electrodes: The large 6” x 8” silver electrodes, 0.5 mm thickness, with mounting hardware are $560 USD each electrode ($1120 for pair). Each plate is of 99.99% purity, weighs 170 grams and has two rods for attachment and electrical connection. Thicker plates at 1 mm thickness costs $2240 USD per pair.

Parts supplied:
1.A 12 volt DC immersible pump with two ports and cable plus power supply/adapter. One for each channel.
2.12 volt high power international approved adapter to supply the controller.
3.Pairs of electrodes with insulated mounting rods on each electrode.
4.Cross-bar to support electrodes, length = 23.9”
5.Plastic tap for your container.

1) Monophasic polarity switch for single colloidal gold electrode.
2) Different metal electrodes available. 12 choices such as silver, gold, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, tin, titanium, platinum, palladium, iridium, carbon, steel.
3) Square Dolly for 30 gallon container easily moves heavy loaded containers.
4) 5 gallon container with lid and bottom tap.
5) 6” x 6” and 6” x 12” electrodes.
6) Extra thick 1 or 2 mm (12 gauge) electrodes
7) In-line magnet on pump. Stabilizes the Zeta Potential for long-term potency and aids in producing the smallest nanoparticles.
8) Nebulizer for inhaling colloidal silver for pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies.
9) Conductivity meter DIST-3 (microsiemens not TDS) as an indication of ppm (parts per million).

1 ppm means 1 milligrams per litre or 1 micrograms (ug) per milli-litre (ml).
10 ml of 50 ppm has 500 ug (0.5 mg) which is our recommended daily dose of silver and copper. 10 ml is 1/3 oz.
1 Litre = 1000 ml
1 US gallon = 3.785 litres

Our new range of user-friendly, high voltage, high power ionizers and colloidal generators provide highest quality and volume for a wide range of soft and hard waters, including pharmaceutical grade pure water. All have alternating polarity (self-cleaning of electrodes), constant current level to be easily controlled by the operator and digital meter to display current through the electrodes. Our two channel controllers can simultaneously drive silver in one channel and copper or other metals in the other channel.

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