Biophysica's Stericard

Business-card-size water purifier/filter for disinfection of drinking water

Special discounted price of $149.00 USD in effect until Jan 4th, 2017.


Anode is 99.99% pure silver sheet 3″ x 2″;
Cathode (ground) is 99.99% pure copper.

Stericard provides safe drinking water and beverages for travelers. Makes a perfect travel gift.

Dont travel anywhere without one, even in your own city, and acquire the habit of using it, especially with beverages, juices and ice cubes. Uses synergy of two proven technologies.






  • Business card size (2” x 3.5”). Smallest professional emergency water purification ionizer in the World.
  • Slim enough to fit in a wallet, book or man’s swimming trunk pocket. Can fit into a spectacle case or cell phone pouch together with the 9v battery.


  • Makes 1 litre of safe drinking water in 15 minutes
  • Totally immersible


  • Sterilizes water for emergency use and travelling light. Essential for beach and bar use to sterilize all beverages. Makes for a lively focus of conversation.
  • Can sterilize water, juices, tea, coffee, milk, beer, even distilled and R.O. water
  • Wash salads and raw meat and foods with the treated water
  • Works where UV will not, such as in cloudy beverages. Totally safe, whereas Chlorine, Iodine, Ozone etc can cause cancer and other disease.
  • Provides long-lasting residual antimicrobial potency in the treated water for many months because ions and Zeta Potential do not evaporate.



  • The perfect gift for travel.
  • Simple, compact, lightweight, robust, rugged
  • Reduce single-use bottled water consumption and plastic waste
  • Easy To Clean, no maintenance
  • No loose parts to lose
  • Works equally well on turbid cloudy water, beverages and juices, therefore no need to prefilter cloudy liquids
  • No dangerous tablets, drops or other chemicals to add.
  • Has the appearance of an attractive piece of jewelry



  • Combines two different technologies 1) UV light 2) Zeta Potential ionization to kill most dangerous bacteria and viruses within minutes.
  • Solid state UV unbreakable light. Therefore no fragile UV tube to replace, no high voltages or excessive battery drain.
  • Ionization removes chlorine in tap water by converting it to harmless insoluble chloride which can be decanted or filtered.
  • Powered by 9v standard alkaline or rechargeable battery or by solar panel, hand-crank, automobile battery, or any AC/DC source below 40 volts.  Battery drain is minimal (20 mA).  A standard 150mAH 9v alkaline battery will give 7 hours of continual use.
  • On-board microcontroller controls UV lamp activation, dose delivery, and water sensor.
  • When water is detected, lamp turns on automatically, emitting visible Violet light.
  • Current into the ionization electrodes is controlled by our automatic current controlling microcomputer to an accuracy of 0.1 %, to the proper level of milliamperes, regardless of variations in water conductivity or of applied voltage.
  • UV light on the stericard comes on automatically to verify flow of ions and electric current from the electrodes through the water
  • Large pure silver anode electrode (2" x 2") for high quality and antimicrobial effectiveness. (2” x 3” in Deluxe and military models).
  • Weight = 0.025 kg = 25 grams (without 9v battery)
  • Comes with reinforced rigid 9v battery snap and heavy duty wire for rough use
  • Anode electrode will last many years and can be replaced.  We supply a DIY kit.
  • Stericard Basic model uses UV-A light of wavelength 380 nm to disinfect water.
  • Stericard Deluxe and Military models use larger anode and germicidal short wave UV-B light of wavelength 280 nm to disinfect water. This range of UV light disrupts the DNA within bacteria, viruses and protozoa, rendering them unable to reproduce and consequently harmless.




  • Long-term residual antimicrobial effect of Zeta Potential ensures that treated water remains antimicrobial for months.
  • Treated water should be mixed into all suspect human and pet food, for long-term protection.
  • Treated water can be sprayed into eyes, ears, mouth, skin lesions, to protect against infections.
  • Treated water can be mixed into human and pet food, salads, desserts, meat, fish, for long-term protection.
  • Treated water stimulates plant growth and is active against some plant viruses, moulds and fungus.
  • Designed to eliminate most viruses, bacteria and protozoa organisms including Salmonella, E. coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, legionella, streptococci, staphylococci, listeria, hepatitis, norwalk and poliovirus. Tests show that MRSA and HIV have been inactivated by Zeta Ionization Potential alone.
  • Immune-vulnerable individuals, especially elderly, should ingest the daily requirement of silver atoms to provide resistance to toxins and microbes, some of which cause Alzheimers, cancer, etc.




  • Less risk of sudden illnesses and possible hospitalization.  May reduce insurance costs and possible litigation.
  • Less risk of cancellation of travel, hotels or entire cruise.
  • For travel agents, ensures safe and satisfied customers.


Approvals, Safety, Efficacy:

  • UV and Ionization disinfection both have a long established history and are EPA and WHO approved for safety and efficacy.
  • There are no government regulations governing water treatment devices, such as this water purifier.
  • Listed as “microbiological water purifier” .  Customs Code is 8421.99.00.99.


  • UV light can be harmful to eyes and skin. Never look at an unshielded UV lamp during operation.
  • Stericard is not intended to disinfect surfaces of a drinking container, i.e. bottle threads and those that typically contact the mouth when drinking. Drinking container should be properly cleaned and washed prior to using Stericard.
  • 9 volt batteries when uncovered can easily short out in a pocket or suitcase with metal coins or jewelry.  Overheating and fire may result.
  • When used with tap water that has been chlorinated, the appearance of a cloudiness indicates that the chlorine is being changed to insoluble inert harmless chloride particles, which can be sedimented or filtered.  It is better to remove the chlorine by prefiltering with a carbon filter.
  • After 15 minutes of purifying the water, a light cloudiness and particles appear.  These are harmless oxides resulting from oxygen in the water.


Stericard Answers to FAQ:


Glass UV Lamp?: We do not uses a glass UV lamp due to its fragility, bulkiness and requirement for high voltage (>100V) power which rapidly drains the battery. We use a germicidal UV emitting diode.

Battery?:  The Stericard is designed to operate in a wide variety of emergency situations from a standard 9 volt battery, rather than a rechargeable battery which are unreliable and could cause problems with customs and airline security.  Any voltage source will function so long as it is over 6 volts AC or DC.  Even a door bell transformer giving out 24v AC will work well. Do not exceed 40 volts. The Stericard is polarity protected, so that with DC sources like an automobile 12v battery, change over the plus/minus connection if it does not work at first.

Electrodes?:  In order for electrolysis and ionization to work, one electrode is the anode or donor electrode and the other is the cathode or recipient electrode.  The anode gradually wears down and should be replaced when it becomes too thin, generally after many years of emergency use. For non-emergency regular use, buy our residential colloidal generator at

Electrode Cleaning?  Use a very fine grade of steel wool without soap between sessions.

Is the Stericard a filter?   Yes, in that it removes active chlorine and fluoride by rendering it into an inert insoluble form.

Customs?  Individual officers vary in suspiciouness regarding small electronic parts. You should keep the receipt and this document with you as you go through customs. Ideally you should register it with customs before leaving along with a picture and supportive document. The description is clearly etched into the card and should satisfy any questions regarding the intended function as a water purifier, with Harmonized Code #8421.99.00.

Germanium?  We include a germanium diode in the circuit.  Homeopathic Germanium is thought to have benefits on the immune system, DNA, bone formation and inflamed joints.  Look at

Labyrinth Pattern?  This is a Scalar Wave Mobius antenna to duplicate Emoto waters and Marian waters such as found at Lourdes and other shrines.  See structured water at Princeton University, Institute of Heartmath Research Centre

Electrolysis?   This is the use of electrical current to strip off atoms and ions from a metal surface (etching) with release of  very small nano-clusters of atoms, each carrying an electrical charge called Zeta Potential.  Below a critical threshold of electrical current, ZP is maximized.  This is why we use a current controller to ensure that we do not exceed this threshold.

Zeta Potential?  This is a quantum phenomenon related to electrons and clusters of atoms.  The zeta potential indicates the degree of repulsion between adjacent, similarly charged particles in a colloidal dispersion. For atoms and molecules that are small enough, a high zeta potential will attack all microbes and confer long-term stability, i.e., the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation. Our treated water has a high ZP indicative of high quality and effectiveness. See


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S-T39B-F1-275-01-1-060   275 (nm)

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