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Domestic Colloidal Mineral Water Generators

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Commercial Batch Colloidal Ionizers

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Industrial In-Line Ionizers

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Domestic Water Descalers & Softeners

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Industrial Water Purification Colloidal Ionizers (Click Here)

Each channel cylinder can be multiplied up to six times.

Each cylinder can accept 14 inch long pair of electrodes of any metal.

Metal electrodes can be silver, gold, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, tin, platinum, titanium, etc.

Controller box has 6 separate controls. One for each metal pair.

Six channel copper manifolds (2) on input and output of each cylinder have valves.

Electrodes are mounted on quick-relase adapters for easy inspection and cleaning.

Ionizer chamber

Single channel cylinder with quick-disconnect adapter


silver electrodes

14 inch long pair of silver electrodes

Manifold with valves

6 channel manifold with valves. One for input and one for output.


6 channel controller

6 channel controller allows independent ppm & nanometre size control over each electrode pair.

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