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Domestic Colloidal Generators

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Our generators produce colloidal Silver, colloidal Gold, colloidal Magnesium, colloidal Zinc, colloidal Iron, colloidal Tin, colloidal Copper, colloidal Titanium, colloidal Platinum, colloidal Palladium. Electrodes of Iridium and Rhodium may be available on special order.

You will need a pair of identical electrodes for the production of most colloidal waters except for Gold and Platinum, those can be produced with a single precious metal electrode and one grounding electrode such as silver. Please click for our range of electrodes.

Biophysica’s Colloidal generators can have one to six simultaneous separate channels. Each channel makes colloidal waters of 12 different metals (except for the silver only models).

You can buy our components separately or purchase one of our complete and discounted packages to get you making colloidal water right away.

Our one and two channel generators can be ordered as a silver only model (CS1-1, CS2-1) or a CS-12 multiple metal model.  

All of our generators have:

  1. Powerful 12 volt motor-driven stirrer maintains acid-base balance and creates a magnetic vortex to produce structured water.
  2. Constant current feedback control prevents overdriving the electrodes even with highly conductive water, thus insuring smallest nanoparticles less than 10 NM.
  3. Alternating reverse polarity Self-Cleaning gives less oxide and ion formation and allows for higher quality and more concentrated water. A switch is provided on the front panel for user to choose between alternating polarity or non-alternating for using only one Gold or Platinum electrode (paired with one grounding electrode such as silver) rather than two similar electrodes.
  4. Multi-position switch allows choice of 1 to 12 different levels of constant current and frequency for 12 different metals (except for where specified, Silver only).
  5. Pulsed modulated broad spectrum high frequency waveform gives smaller nanometre particles than unpulsed DC and vibrates the silver atoms thus preventing them from agglomerating into larger particles.
  6. Frequencies have been chosen to contain Rife, Schumann, the reference frequency of 432 Hz and frequencies specific for the Pineal and Pituitary. See Live H2O.
  7. All of our electrodes are 0.9999 (99.99%) pure precious solid sheet metal (not jewelers grade). These are Larger area plug-in solid sheet electrodes (not thin wires or rods).
  8. Powered by 24 or 48 volt internationally approved wall adapter for any country. No dangerous line voltages enter our generators. Battery adapter or Solar Energy panel are optional. We purchase all of our power supplies from the top manufacturers. They have the following international regulatory safety approvals suitable for all countries: UL, CUL, CE, TUV, CSA.
  9. All of our generators can be powered from Solar Cells, hand-crank dynamo or automobile battery.



A magnetized stirrer produces a vortex which creates structured water thought to enhance metabolism, cognition and cellular membranes.

A zapper Output for connection to skin or hand-held electrodes.

An output connector for voltage output to monitor electrical conductivity of water as an approximate measure of ppm (using any multi-meter or computer software such as Data-Log). Please Click.

A built in digital meter displays current and voltage while charging the water. Please Click.

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