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On this page you will be able to purchase a Biophysica made Commercial-Industrial Colloidal Generators/Ionizers.

Commercial here refers to our entry to mid-level colloidal waters volume production.

Models range from our CS1-100 rated at Voltage:90v, Current:25-100ma, Wattage:9w output, driving a pair of minimum size of 6”x6” electrodes per channel. This model is sold as a one channel (CS1) or our popular two channel configuration, CS2-100 allowing for an independent production of two different colloidal waters or doubling the output/speed of the production of a single batch.

Our second commercial model the CS1-300 has a higher output to deal with the purest water, for which this higher output is essential to get the colloidal process started. This is also important when dealing with certain metals such as gold which needs to be driven harder.

The CS1-300 COMMERCIAL comes with higher output than the the CS1-100, the relevant specs are: Voltage:140v, Current:25-300ma, Wattage:42w and you can also purchase our two channel version the CS2-300 COMMERCIAL.

Industrial refers to our highest output range of generators such as the the Biophysica CS1-500 INDUSTRIAL generator which we named the “VOLUME MONSTER” is our highest output and most advanced generator/ionizer, we have also shipped 2, 4, and 6 channel versions.

This system is meant for high volume producers and can drive not only electrodes in the range of 6”x6”- 6”x12” but also are capable of driving our in-line pressurized systems. (contact us for details)
It comes in at: Voltage:160v, Current:25-500ma, Wattage:80w

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