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Benefits of Electronic Water Descalers

No More Laundering in Hard Water

Clothes washed in hard water often look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy. The hardness minerals combine with some soils to form insoluble salts, making them difficult to remove. Soil on clothes can introduce even more hardness minerals into the wash water. Continuous laundering in hard water can damage fibers and shorten the life of clothes by up to 40 percent.

No More Bathing in Hard Water

Bathing with soap in hard water leaves a film of sticky soap curd on the skin. The film may prevent removal of soil and bacteria. Soap curd interferes with the return of skin to its normal, slightly acid condition, and may lead to irritation. Soap curd on hair may make it dull, lifeless and difficult to manage.

Elimination of Problems with Hard Water in Water Boiler Systems and Pipework

Hard water also contributes to inefficient and costly operation of water-using appliances. Heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals (limescale deposits) that can contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of water-using appliances. Pipes can become clogged with scale that reduces water flow and ultimately requires pipe replacement. Limescale has been known to increase energy bills by up to 25%.
Elimination of Limescale in Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating, often used for heating swimming pools is prone to limescale buildup, which can reduce the efficiency of the electronic pump. This, in turn can cause the overall system performance to deteriorate.

Benefits for Restaurants:

Customers will notice an immediate difference in the feel of the water. It will be smoother and silkier to the touch. Calcium scale buildup is a breeding ground for bacteria. The calcium in your pipes will begin to dissolve and reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Once the ScaleMaster is installed, you will notice many benefits that will lead to other major improvements in your establishment.′′Financial: You will be saving considerable money on your water-heating bill. As scale is removed from your pipes, your water heater will work much more efficiently. A reduction of 1/4″ of scale will save you up to 40% in your heating costs. The ScaleMaster will clean pipes throughout the entire building and keep them scale-free permanently. Once your pipes have cleaned out, the water pressure will return to its maximum flow rate. Even your water will boil faster.′′Bathrooms: You will notice a decrease in toilet bowl, urinal, sink stains and discoloration. Lime scale deposits will disappear forever. Mold and mildew caused by hard water will be a thing of the past. The bathroom fixtures will clean a lot easier, saving you money on your maintenance bills.′′Dishes: Your dishwasher will be more energy efficient as the ScaleMaster removes hard scale that has formed on the rinse/wash jets, pumping and head raising equipment and supply lines. Spotting on dishes and glassware will be reduced dramatically. You will notice that detergent will not clot in conveyor and/or rack type dishwashing equipment. You can expect up to a 20% reduction in detergent use. All of your appliances that are in contact with water will have prolonged life spans.′′Beverages: Your coffee and tea makers will remain cleaner and operate more effectively. The lines will become unclogged and the taste of your beverages will be greatly improved. The ScaleMaster will prolong the life of your icemaker, too. The overall quality of ice cubes and drinking water will be remarkably improved.′′Investment: For a small, one time only investment, the ScaleMaster will be one of most beneficial purchases you will ever make for your establishment. The ScaleMaster has an expected life span of about twenty years. Best of all, there is absolutely no maintenance, chemicals or salts required.

Benefits for Coffee Vending Machines:

A good hot cup of coffee for its employees is a necessity for any company. Coffee vending machines supply this demand, but often require service calls to clean or replace the heating elements and to unclog the water lines that get full of scale. Coffee vending machine owners had no alternative but to absorb the cost of service calls & maintenance before the discovery of the electronic descaler, ScaleMaster.

  • Reduces maintenance and service calls dramatically.
  • Reduces element replacement and cleaning
  • Eliminates line clogging due to scale build-up
  • Improves taste of coffee by cleaning out pipes of scale and eliminating bacteria that breeds in the scale
  • Improves hot water heater efficiency


Benefits for Evaporative Air Cleaners:

Hard water problems and scaling are never more evident than to owners of evaporative coolers. Better known as “swamp coolers”, most home owners and businesses in the western United States rely on these systems for air cooling during the hot summer months. However, hard water causes severe scaling that requires constant maintenance and replacement of the filter pads.′′Scale build-up on evaporative cooler system on the Gila River Housing Authority, an Indian Tribe in New Mexico. The filter pad is completely scaled up in just one month and needs to be cleaned or replaced periodically. When the pad is clogged up, the air flow reduction increases humidity which reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of the air cooler. The corrosion rate increases with scale buildup, causing considerable depreciation of all cooler parts including the blower, brackets and pumps.′′A Solution…By simply installing the SM-25 ScaleMaster unit on the recirculating line, you can enjoy these benefits…′′No longer do you have to climb up on your roof every month to clean or exchange the filter pads. ′Save $$$ on service calls, cooler parts and filter pads. ′Stops bleed line from clogging up which causes higher TDS levels and more scaling. ′Allows the air cooler to function at its maximum potential all the time–providing you with maintenance-free cool air!

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