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Swimming Pool / Domestic / Residential Ionizers

Models 600, 1000, 2000

Our Standard Ionizer has a transparent charging chamber, self-cleaning alternating polarity, constant current, in robust, water-proofed aluminium box, external internationally approved 24 volt power supply with power level control knob (10 levels), no meter or window.

Model Maximum Capacity
CS-600 5,000 gallons
CS-1000 10,000 gallons
CS-2000 12,500 gallons

CS-600: Disinfection Water Ionizer

Our water ionizers have two similar electrodes of copper/silver alloy (pure silver for drinking water is an extra option).   There is good evidence that most ionizers on the market can now be considered to be obsolete in the context of what we are offering as standard features. 

All of our ionizers have internationally approved supply of 24 volts  (to overcome problem of non-conductive water), continuous power control over 10 levels, high frequency pulsed DC (enhances ionization) with 50 nanosecond transition rise-time, alternating switched polarity self-cleaning of electrodes, constant current (prevents burn-out of electrodes when water is very hard and electrically conductive, mounted in robust water-proofed aluminium box. 

Our choice of the high voltage of 24 volts is necessary when the water is relatively soft, pure and devoid of minerals (low TDS) which renders the water electrically non-conductive.


All Biophysica’s ionizers have the following characteristics.  Each model is pre-programmed for the chosen power level.

INPUT VOLTAGE: 24 VDC from our internationally approved switching power supply for any country (100-250 Volts AC input)

POWER CONSUMPTION: 10 to 48 W Max. load independent (current cannot change from level selected by user)

INPUT FREQUENCY: 50 TO 60 HERTZ to our supplied international switching power supply.

OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Controllable and Adjustable by the user from 0 to 48 VDC for Precise control of Ion Production.  High 48 voltage is needed to combat low conductivity, pure water.

OUTPUT CURRENT: 13 models from 0.6 to 20 amps with user variable fine control from 0 to maximum.

CURRENT STABILITY:  Current is independent of load and will not overload with highly conductive salt water or short circuit.

CONTROLLER BOX: Weather Proof Robust Solid Die-cast Aluminum (Option of flanges for mounting)


FLOW RATE:  20 TO 120 GPM through 2” diameter cell chamber.

CAPACITY: UP TO 50,000 GALLONS /(189,256 litres)

IONIZING CELL: 2" PVC TEE with See Through Transparent Extension For Viewing Of Electrodes. 1.5” reducing Bushings If Needed

CELL REPLACEMENT: Hand tight union threaded cap contains two replacement electrodes for easy removal of electrodes.

ELECTRODE SIZE: 6" LONG PAIR (very heavy).  Each of width 30 mm (1 1/8”) x length 150 mm (6”), x thickness 2 mm (5/64”)

ELECTRODE COMPOSITION: 99.99% pure Copper / Silver & Zinc alloy, or pure copper

COPPER TEST STRIPS:  Included in package

AUTO-REVERSING POLARITY: Solid State Electronic Switching Circuitry with Automatic Sequential Alternating Polarity Switching for self-cleaning and balanced wear on Electrodes.

INDICATOR DISPLAY LIGHTS: Light Emitting Diodes Display Input Power, Cell Power, and Polarity.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS: 32 F (0 C) min. to 120 F degrees max.

SAFETY & FIRE PROTECTION: automatic resettable solid-state fuse, lightning protection, metal box cannot burn. 

STANDARDS:  Meets or Exceeds UL, CSA and NSF Standards.

WARRANTY: One Year on manufacturing defects. 

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