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Accessories for Domestic / Residential Colloidal Water Generators

Plain Plastic Stirrer.

Plain Plastic Stirrer

Plain Plastic Stirrer of length 4.5 inches with central hole for motor shaftl Creates a vortex and restructures the water.

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Magnetic Stirrer

Powerful Neodymium magnet providing 13,000 Gauss, installed into plastic stirrer.

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24 or 48 Volt DC International AC Adapter

24 Volt or 48 Volt DC International switching power supply adapter

Power Adapter. Internationally tested and approved regulated 24 or 48 volt DC power supply/adapter for any country. UL ,CUL, CE, TUV, and CSA tested and approved

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1 Gallon Glass Jar

1 gallon (4 or 5 litre versions) glass container with aluminum lid and 7 inch (10 cm) internal height for 6 inch electrodes. Ideal for charging water. Has flat sides allowing inspection of electrodes. Weighs 13 kg. Not readily avaliable in stores. (SHIPPING EXTRA)

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