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CS1-1: One Channel Colloidal Water Generator for Silver Only

Professional generator for making Colloidal Silver only, containing constant current pre-programmed electronic microcircuit controller. Includes motorized stirrer, alternating polarity Self-Cleaning.

CS1-1: One Channel Colloidal Water Generator for Silver Only

All of our generators for making Gold, Platinum, Titanium now use a higher voltage supply of 24 volts (UL, CSA, EU and Internationally approved). Contrary to some opinions, it is possible to obtain the highest quality Colloidal Gold using low voltage generators such as ours as shown by proven independent lab certification .

All of our generators have automatic constant current control, self-cleaning alternating polarity, modulated broad spectrum high frequency pulses to ensure smallest particle size and water magnetization option for nanometre and angstrom sizes. All of our electrodes are 0.9999 (99.99%) pure precious solid sheet metal ( not jewelers grade).

We purchase all of our power supplies from the top manufacturers. They have the following international regulatory safety approvals suitable for all countries: UL, CUL, CE, TUV, CSA.  

All of our generators can be powered from Solar Cells, hand-crank dynamo or automobile battery.

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Product Profile

Product ID: CS1-1
Description: CS1-1: One Channel Colloidal Water Generator for Silver Only
Notes:The basic colloidal generator does not include electrodes, power adapter, magnetic stirrer. These options can be added according to your requirements.
Our most common single channel silver configuration is shown below.

The package selected is our most commonly chosen and can be easily changed as you wish.

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