Prostate Shrinker

Reduction of Prostate Gland Enlargement
through Non-Invasive Treatment

The Prostatherm prostate shrinker is a slim soft plastic flexible tube, six inches long, emitting 7 different energies proven to be helpful in treating tumours and hemorrhoids.

                                                                  Pictured here with the Prostatherm Controller box.


  • 1 - Heat (hyperthermia) enhances blood supply while reducing hemorrhoids, tumors and enlargements anywhere on the body of animals and humans. Tumor cells cannot survive hyperthermia.

  • 2 - Pulsed light (red, near infra-red). Has Biophotonic benefits.

  • 3 - Far Infra-red (FIR).  FIR penetrates deeply.

  • 4 - Pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) from a small Tesla Coil alleviate inflammations and restore hormonal balance.

  • 5 - Static South Pole magnetic field. Not North pole (Prof W. Tiller)*

  • 6 - Neuro-muscular vibration module has variable frequency and balances the

    neuro-muscular connections and promotes lymphatic drainage.

  • 7 - Quartz Crystal and Scalar Waves based technology are alsoincluded.

                * (DC Magnetic Field Polarity Effect verified by Prof William Tiller, PES page 71).