Prostate Shrinker

Reduction of Prostate Gland Enlargement
through Non-Invasive Treatment


Prostatherm Benefits

  • Heat, enhances blood supply while reducing tumors and enlargements.
    Tumor cells cannot survive hyperthermia.

  • Pulsed light (red, infra-red).  Has Biophotonic benefits.

  • Far Infra-red (FIR).  FIR penetrates deeply

  • Pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) from a small Tesla Coil alleviate
    inflammations and restore hormonal balance.

  • Static South Pole magnetic field. *

  • Neuro-muscular vibration module has variable frequency and  balances
    the neuro-muscular connections and promotes lymphatic drainage.

  • Sacred Geometry, Quartz Crystal and Scalar Waves are included.

There is a cumulative effect from daily use by raising the organ temperature significantly above the normal body temp of 37 degrees called Hyperthermia. The user should turn up the heat to the highest tolerable, to about 60-70 degrees Celsius to get benefit and relief of symptoms. It should be used about 4 hours per day, while sitting or driving. There are no known adverse effects of these energies.

The Prostatherm will lower PSA values and give a noticeable improvement in urine flow. It should be used every day, ideally for several hours, while sitting down or driving