Prostate Shrinker

Reduction of Prostate Gland Enlargement
through Non-Invasive Treatment


Prostatherm Instructions for Use

  • Connect the 12 volt power source to the controller box.
  • Connect the applicator cable into the controller.
  • Sit on the applicator module, with the applicator outside of clothing. The therapeutic energy penetrates through clothing.
  • Turn on the power using the temperature control knob.
  • Turn up the temperature knob until the temperature reaches a comfortable maximum level, about 60-70 degrees Celsius.
  •  Turn up the Vibration frequency control to a comfortable level.  This helps in lymphatic drainage, but is not essential.
  • Continue treatment for a 20 minutes or more session and use the device for several sessions daily. It can also be applied to the perineal area while lying down, reclining or sleeping. Success depends on regular diligent application in order to avoid the more invasive alternatives.


Prostate Caution:  Do not put the applicator directly on plastic surfaces, such as car seats, which might become damaged (I know). Please be vigilant and aware that some individuals are sensitive to repeated exposure to even moderate heat, such as heated car seats, which can cause a net-like mottled pigment change in some people's skin.  Hot water bottles, heat packs and heating pads can cause erythema ab igne (or EAI) on the abdomen, lower back or other sites. Open fires, electric space heaters and steam radiators can cause inflammation to inner thighs or shins. Even laptop computers can cause toasted skin syndrome to the anterior thighs and breasts.  Prostatherm is a form of heating pad and for safety reasons is programmed to produce no more than 80 degrees C which is 20 degrees less than boiling water. 

The Prostatherm is applied outside of clothing while sitting or driving and is powered by 12 volts from wall adapter or battery or automobile adapter (provided). An internal thermometer automatically maintains the temperature at the desired level set by the user (average 65 degrees C) and limited to 80 degrees Celsius for safety.

Power is from the supplied international medical quality12 volt wall adapter or any 12 volt source and having a standard 2.1 mm plug and capable of delivering 2 amperes (24 watts). A 12 volt automobile source is suitable, using our automobile adapter