Prostate Shrinker

Reduction of Prostate Gland Enlargement
through Non-Invasive Treatment

The Prostatherm Features

  • Non-invasive: No probes, catheters or needles to be inserted. FIR, PEMF and hyperthermia energies pass through clothing while the user sits on the applicator. For office or driving.
  • Convenient: Small treatment unit is soft and comfortable to sit on for many hours.
  • Portable: Self-treatment while sitting at work or while driving. Powered by 12 volt wall adapter or by automobile lighter outlet (both come with the unit).
  • Safe, non-invasive: No electrical connection to the human body. No diathermy, lasers, microwaves or radio waves.
  • 7 Simultaneous Energy Forms: Emits a wide range of Far infra-red energy (FIR) from 980 nanometers down to several microns in wavelength. Variable frequency mechanical vibration aids in lymphatic drainage. Pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) adds to the anti-inflammatory benefit. Pulse frequency is as recommended by NASA (0-40 Hz).
  • Energy levels and range of vibrational frequencies are under user control.
  • Pulsed light has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects and is well established by over 4000 research articles on Biophotonic and PEMF research.
  • Digital thermometer with 0.1 degree accuracy gives display and automatic temperature control.

Power is from the supplied international medical quality12 volt wall adapter or any 12 volt source and having a standard 2.1 mm plug and capable of delivering 2 amperes (24 watts).
Automobile adapter:  We provide a 12 volt cigarette plug and cable with 2.1 mm plug. Also available for $10 from Amazon as 12V Boombox Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter. It has a strong spring on each side and is difficult to insert, but wont fall out, unlike many others. Keep the adapter in your car, plugged in, so it wont get lost.